Our Plan

Building a Landmark for the LGTBQ Community

Stonewall Columbus’ mission is to serve the Central Ohio LGBTQ community by providing a community center and offering programming and services that enhance the well-being and visibility of our diverse community through discovery, affirmation and celebration. Throughout our years, we have seen exceptional growth in the needs of our community, which requires the expansion of our facilities to help us evolve to provide the services and resources needed by the LGBTQ population. To meet this challenge, we launched the capital campaign, STONEWALL BUILDS, which is set to raise $4 million to fund the renovation and connection of the two buildings at N. High St. and 4th Ave.

The new Center on High will include 12,000 sq. ft. of public space for agency programming and private events. It will be an epicenter for LGBTQ support and services and act as an important link between the LGBTQ community and Central Ohio.

Every donation, big and small, is an important step toward building the new Center on High – a reflection of our community’s beauty and pride.

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Building Renderings

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“With great flexibility (this facility) prepares us for the next segment of our history…this is an opportunity to open the building for use by the community at large.”

Behal Sampson Dietz, Lead Architect, Stonewall Builds

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