With your help, we’re going to build an LGBTQ landmark in Columbus.

A capital campaign for a stronger Columbus.

Stonewall Builds is a capital campaign for the renovation and expansion of our current buildings in the Short North. Columbus has grown, and with it, so has Stonewall’s responsibility and role in the community. Renovation and expansion of our buildings will enable Stonewall to provide the community programs and support the community needs and deserves.

A Community of Leaders

For 36 years, Stonewall has been led by members of the community who believed that we deserved more – visibility, inclusion and equality – and were willing to do the hard work required to achieve those goals.

Likewise, the Stonewall Builds capital campaign is led by members of the community who believe that a renovated and expanded center is key to Stonewall’s purpose and have committed to raising the resources needed to achieve that goal.


The victory of nationwide marriage equality has given Stonewall Columbus an exciting opportunity to expand our support of LGBTQ couples and families. In addition to being an ideal destination for LGBTQ weddings and receptions, the new Stonewall facility will offer services and activities for couples and families in our community.

Help create a center where couples and families can thrive.

Above all, Stonewall brings people together. Groups like our Transgender Social Group, Trailblazers (LGBTQ ages 50+), Coming Out Support Group, and events like the PRIDE parade bring together people in our community. The new Stonewall facility will create more opportunity for us to grow together.

Help create an even stronger bond between the LGBTQ community and the city of Columbus.

With the help of Stonewall, Columbus is nationally recognized as a premier city for equality in the workforce. Stonewall Columbus has robust collaborations with The City of Columbus, American Electric Power (AEP), Abercrombie & Fitch, Cardinal Health, JPMorgan Chase, Huntington Bancshares, LBrands, Nationwide, and PNC, all which have earned high rankings on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

Help create a powerful link between our economic drivers and the LGBTQ workforce.

Stonewall provides help to so many people in our community. Veterans, families, college students, and seniors are just a few of the groups that can receive support at our facility. We offer health and HIV testing, counseling, recovery and support groups, and give special attention to those of low- to moderate-low income levels. This new facility will increase our capacity to help others.

Help us reach more people with programs and services that improve lives.

As Columbus has grown, so has Stonewall. And our ability to serve the community has outgrown our facility. The reorganized space will enhance our ability to host programming of all kinds, such as neighborhood and community meetings, informal gatherings, a community kitchen, health clinics, in-house counseling, theatre rehearsals, and so much more.

Help us build an even stronger future for Columbus and the LGBTQ community.

Our Story

Steering Committee Members

Christie Angel
Anne Boninsegna
Lynn Greer
Tom Grote, Co-Chair
Mary Jo Hudson, Co-Chair
Tom Katzenmeyer, co-chair
Nancy Kramer, co-chair
Gabriel Mastin
Jeff Meacham
Dr. Tom McCartney
Kimber Perfect
Letha Pugh
Malcolm Riggle
Linda Schuler
Steve Shellabarger
Brian Shinn
Jeff Smith

Mighty Middle Committee Members

Bob Barnes
Genie Braithwaite
Bill Brownson and Myron Phillips
Anne Casto, co-chair
Brian Cole
Brue Dooley
Leslie Fine
Doug Kauffman
Phil Martin
Rachel Orosz
Rob Podlogar, co-chair
Jeff Redfield
Debbie Smith and Kelly Cipriani
Jeff Smith, co-chair
Joshua Snyder
Susan White, co-chair
Willa Young

Community Phase Chairs

Jay Coleman
Brooke Cartus
Lana Moore

This is more than a building – it’s a symbol of our future